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International Magnetic Tape Storage Technology Roadmap Workshop
The 2011 International Magnetic Tape Storage Technology Workshop was held on August 24-25, 2011, as part of INSIC’s 21st Annual Meeting in Broomfield, Colorado.  The Workshop is a key part of INSIC’s efforts to generate a new International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap, which is scheduled for publication in early 2012.
The Roadmap Workshop was attended by a total of 50 world-class experts on magnetic tape technology, from both industry and academia. In addition to these 50 participants, another 25 individuals participated in a series of pre-Workshop discussions that set the stage for the Workshop itself, bringing the total number of contributors to 75 to date.  Attendees at the Workshop represented 14 industry companies and 7 research universities from 3 continents.
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Attendees at the International Magnetic Tape Storage Technology Roadmap Workshop in Broomfield, Colorado
After an opening welcome from Paul Frank, INSIC’s Executive Director, on Wednesday morning, August 24th, the Workshop’s keynote presentation was given by Mark Peters of the Enterprise Strategy Group on “Tracking Tape’s Potential,” who concluded that with the massive generation of data and the resulting massive need for data retention, “the future for tape is brighter than it’s been for a long time.”  Barry Schechtman, Executive Director Emeritus of INSIC, followed with a presentation on the conclusions of the Applications & Systems Team of the roadmap, who have been working since late 2010 to develop the vision for tape storage requirements for the next decade and have now completed their work.  That Team’s findings echo the message from Mark Peters that tape has a potentially bright future.  Bob Raymond of Oracle, who is leading the overall Technology portion of the effort, then gave an overview of the status of the Technology Roadmap, which was the primary focus of the remainder of the Workshop; presentations followed by the four Technology Team Leaders on the “strawman” technology roadmap proposals resulting from each Team’s pre-Workshop discussions:  Paul Poorman of Hewlett-Packard, leader of the Tape Transport Technology Team, Larry Olson of Imation, leader of the Recording Media Technology Team, Larry Neumann of Quantum, leader of the Tape Head Technology Team and Evangelos Eleftheriou of IBM’s Zurich Research Lab, who led the Recording Channel Electronics Technology Team.
Following discussion by the full group of attendees, the afternoon of August 24th was devoted to breakout sessions of the four Technology Teams, where they addressed the issues and open questions remaining from the morning session, as well as developing lists of topics for research needed to drive the technology roadmap.  The research topic lists will be used by INSIC’s TAPE Research Program to define its research directions going forward – for more information on the TAPE Research Program, click here.

The Workshop sessions on Thursday, August 25th, were devoted to presentations by the Technology Team Leaders on the conclusions reached in their breakout sessions and the identification of remaining issues and unresolved questions.  A document describing the scope of the Workshop can be found here: Scope. Click the following link to view the Agenda for the sessions.

INSIC thanks the Roadmap Leadership Team, including Barry Schechtman, who led the Applications & Systems efforts, Bob Raymond, Paul Poorman, Larry Olson, Larry Neumann and Evangelos Eleftheriou, as well as all of the attendees and contributors to the new Roadmap!
The new International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap will represent INSIC’s 6th Tape Roadmap document, with previous versions having been published in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2005 and, most recently, September 2008.  The new Tape Roadmap will extend the vision for tape storage applications and technology directions through 2022.


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