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INSIC’s 2015-2025 International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap is now available

INSIC’S new International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap presents a ten-year outlook for the future applications for information storage that may be handled by advanced magnetic tape storage systems, along with an analysis of the technologies that will be required to make those systems possible through 2025.  It is an update to the International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap produced by the Information Storage Industry Consortium three years ago, and represents INSIC’s 7th magnetic tape storage roadmap, with previous studies having been published in mid-2012, September 2008, April 2005, February 2002, June 1998 and September 1994, the earliest three of these roadmaps having been published as the National Storage Industry Consortium (NSIC).  The view contained here of technology advances projected for future tape drives and media is a remarkable testament to the successful longevity of the oldest computer storage technology still in use today, nearing its 64th anniversary.
This document represents the collective work of participating experts, from industry and academia alike, representing 15 organizations worldwide.  The Applications and Systems section of this study was formulated by a team of industry representatives, and using additional inputs from leading industry analysts and tape customers.  The Applications and Systems team has produced an insightful outlook for storage applications for tape systems.   The Technology section of this report is based largely on the work of a team of industry representatives collaborating over the second half of 2015 to produce this roadmap.
INSIC gratefully acknowledges the leadership contributions of April Alstrin (Oracle) and Carlos Sandoval (IBM), the leaders of the Technology and Systems and Applications Teams, as well as the contributions of all of the roadmap study participants, whose names appear in the “List of Roadmap Participants” shown in the document itself.  We believe that, thanks to the contributions of these experts, the report is balanced and credible, and that it delivers an optimistic outlook for tape storage going forward.  However, we also believe that this optimistic outlook will be fulfilled only if the tape storage industry continues to invest collaboratively in research and advanced development to provide the future technologies that are needed.

We hope you find INSIC’s 2015-2025 International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap to be both enlightening and worthwhile.


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